Crochet Couture Gray Newsboy Hat Lace Spring by strawberrycouture

I improved this picture of the lace newsboy hat. I used a different technique as far as lace. It is a loose weave.

Crochet Hat Black Wool Beret with Flowers & by strawberrycouture

This picture deserved another and better photo. I love the macro options. it takes a super close up. It’s made of I Love This Wool Yarn. You can find the details here –

Etsy :: When was online shopping introduced? Online shopping was…

Online shopping was invented in 1979 in the UK. The first online B2B system was Thomson Holidays in 1981. The first B2C system was Tesco in 1984.

Shopping online was simply introduced becuase people did not want the hassle of driving all the way to the local mall..and to some people this could be an hour away depending on where you live. (rural, urban ect ect)

It’s a cool way to shop and you can look at what exactly you want with in a matter of minutes instead of shopping all day at the mall. You can’t just hit a search button to search “polka dot shoes” you have to look up and down the shelves for them. sSo simply for convience I would say this was introduced to shoppers world wide.


Etsy :: Why men hate shopping? No…

strawberrycouture says:
Not all men hate shopping. Most men enjoy shopping, what they do not like is having to wait while their wife or girlfriend takes forever to decide what they are going to buy. Men can shop fast. They usually know what they want, find it and buy it. They do not need to go through a lot of items to decide what is best looking. Men do not like to wait. They do like to shop.